Portrait of the artist by Rita Akins

I have always been fascinated with the creative process - aesthetically manipulating instruments and symbols to create a visual reality for myself and the viewer.

Though oils are my first love, I have worked in acrylics, pastels, pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, water color and some sculpture. Recently, I have been exploring jewelry making using silver and bronze precious metal clay.

I have worked as an artist since the age of 17. My work has included: fashion illustration (layout and finished art); designing and rendering logos and brochures; designing and painting sets and floats, costumes and makeup for various schools, theatre groups, dance companies and the Philadelphia Mummers; murals, faux finishing and decorative painting. I also render illustrations for learning materials for my wife’s company - Montessori Images.

I find the diversity of work exciting. It allows me to expand and enhance my creative skills, and keeps me from becoming stagnant and repetitive.

As an illustrator, muralist and decorative artist, I am constantly painting landscapes, flowers, animals, etc. So when I sit to create my own personal images, I am not looking to reproduce the superficial appearance of my subject. I am hoping to capture some of the underlying truth, the character, the feelings they invoke in me as an artist. These personal images can be found in the Spectral Images Gallery.

The diversity of my experience reflects in the varied galleries on this website, though I think you will see something about each that makes it my own. Thank you for your interest in my work - your feedback is welcomed.

Ronn Akins

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